The thought of Vintage clothing sounds amazing right? You see those girls on Instagram & Pinterest that seem to have a whole vintage wardrobe and you're like where the hell are they finding these pieces from!? So you go into a thrift store feeling inspired, only to come out totally overwhelmed and having found nothing decent.. WELL I've taken the hard work out for you. 

Hand-picking amazing, rare, & quality pieces only- so that you can shop all of the pre-loved vintage you've always wanted in the one place, at Aisha Vintage.

Behind Aisha

Hi, I'm Danielle! The idea for Aisha formed from a love for fashion and unique styles.

In 2017 I became more conscious of 'slow' sustainable fashion and how my lifestyle decisions were impacting the world. The phrase ‘Vote with your dollar’ struck a cord with me.  Whenever making a purchase decision I started to think about if the item aligned with my values and if it was from a company I wanted to support.


Clothing labels were an area I dove deep into. Realizing that all are definitely not equal. I made the choice to start buying from companies that were being consciously sustainable and ethical. 

Whilst there are now many conscious clothing labels out there (which is amazing), I wanted to create something different, that didn’t mean making more of something but rather using up resources that were already available.

And so Aisha Vintage was created! 

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