4 Benefits Of Shopping Vintage

Buying vintage appears to be on the rise and is becoming more and more of a popular option for consumers! It allows you to express your own individual style and find cool, one-off pieces that are no longer available in store.

Aside from these perks, there are also many other benefits to shopping vintage/second hand!

1. You divert clothes from landfill.

Op shops are often so overflooded with items that they can’t possibly keep it all in stock. Sadly a lot of these excess pieces end up in landfill. More people purchasing from vintage stores and op shops means minimizing the level of waste that gets thrown away if left unwanted.

2. You support charities.

Op shops are non-profit and use proceeds to assist with community services for those in need. Therefore, by purchasing from op shops or vintage resellers, you’re contributing towards charity!

3. You use up resources that are already available.

Particularly today in a world driven by social media, societal pressures can strongly influence our purchase decisions. Many fall into the trap of feeling the need to buy the newest pieces fresh off the runway (which is fine from time to time if they’re purchased from sustainable companies), but buying second hand where possible is making good use of resources that already exist.

4. You decrease the demand for Fast Fashion.

As we’ve stated various times.. You vote with your dollar! Buying from cheap, poorly made, unethical clothing stores basically sends a message that you support the damage that they’re causing. Alternatively, buying more second hand pieces sends a message that you care about the earth and would rather support businesses that are aiming to do good!

These are just some of the benefits of shopping vintage and the main reasons that Aisha Vintage exists. Buying second hand is an overall win that is good for the environment, the consumer and everyone involved in between!

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