8 Alternatives To Buying New

This year our mission has been to cut down on buying all things new!

With lots of alternative options that allow us to use what's already available, do we really need more?

Here's a list of 8 ways to make a real fashion statement, without buying something new:

1. Wear what you already own-

The most affordable and easiest of all! It’s amazing what you find when you properly look through your closet. Go through and make it your mission to wear those gems you’ve had hiding in the back that you haven't gotten around to. Assess what you already have before buying something else - less is more!

2. Shop 2nd hand-

2nd hand options include Op Shops, Vintage Stores, Buying from a friend, Facebook Marketplace, Markets, Ebay, Depop, Etsy and more.

Buying 2nd hand means pieces get to be loved for longer and are deterred from ending up in landfill.

The best buys are those rare vintage finds that have stood the test of time and allow you to express your individual style as opposed to just buying ‘what’s in’ now.

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3. Hire-

There are lots of great hire companies around these days! Hiring is particularly handy if you have a special occasion and know you’ll only wear an item once. It gives you the opportunity to pay ¼ - ½ the price for designer pieces.

4. Borrow from a friend-

Free and easy!! If you have a friend the same size of you, ask if you can borrow an outfit from them and offer to do a swap from your closet also.

5. Make it yourself-

Use any off-cuts or material scraps you have at home and get creative! If you’re not a sewer and have no intention to learn, work with someone you know that can sew to design a piece of your choice! It’s a super satisfying feeling knowing you created something out of nothing and that no one else will have the same.

6. Re-working and re-claiming-

Have something at home that doesn't fit anymore or you want to change the style of? Do some re-working and give it a whole new look. This could include hemming, turning a dress into a 2-piece set, cropping an over-sized tee- the possibilities are limitless. Again, if you’re not a sewer, ask for help!

7. Buy quality-

If you can’t find what you’re needing after looking into all of the above options first, buy new but make sure it’s high quality.

Do the research! Know where you’re buying from and the reputation the company has. Cheap and nasty products are never worth it.

A great site to use that measures a brand's rating for quality, sustainability and ethics is Good On You.

8. Get naked!

Joking, but not joking. The most sustainable option of them all.

Image source: @Hara_thelabel

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